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As the 3rd generation in a family of farmers, we're all about vegetables-authentic Asian specialty leafy greens. Cousins Roy and Steve Nishimori farm the rich coastal land in Southern California, and reap the bounty from its year-round growing season to bring delicious, nutritions Asian greens to a nation eager for healthful superfoods.

The vision – to offer authentic, fresh and convenient Asian greens to traditional and mainstream consumers to explore the many exciting and healthy flavors of Asian cuisine.

Family History


Tofu Stir-Fry with Shanghai Bok Choy

The Nishimori cousins have both earned a strong reputation for growing superior vegetables in California. San Miguel Produce is recognized for providing the very best, freshest and most nutritious varieties of packaged cooking greens in North America.



Shanghai Bok Choy FieldChannel Islands Farm has earned the reputation as a premier provider of quality year-round Asian vegetables, as well as, growing celery, strawberries and other vegetables since 1959. Both are family owned and are located on the beautiful coastal plains of Oxnard, CA. The Nishimori cousins are proud to bring these delicious products to you.